Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Heavy Duty Stand Phone Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone Case - Heavy Duty with Kickstand in Red

This case for Note 3 is made of two layers of material. There is the first layer, which is a soft silicone material. This layer is very thin and flexible. The second layer is a plastic material because of the layers and the pop-out kickstand which is convenient for those who watch videos or maybe even video chat on their phone. With the kickstand your phone is able to stand either horizontally or vertically. Most phones with kickstands are only able to stand horizontally so having the option of having it stand both ways is nice. The layers and kickstand do make the case somewhat bulky. However the bulk definitely makes the phone feel more protected. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight phone that slides right into your pocket, this probably isn’t the case for you.

The outer silicone layer is very soft and fits nicely and feels good in your hand. The plastic layer is sometimes difficult to unsnap, but I suppose this is probably a good thing. There’s a nice variety of color selections too as well. This case won’t be for everyone but it for sure has its perks.

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